Yamaha YZF-R125 Service Manual: Faulty clutch

Clutch slips

1. Clutch

  • Improperly assembled clutch
  • Improperly adjusted clutch cable
  • Loose or fatigued clutch spring
  • Worn friction plate
  • Worn clutch plate

2. Engine oil

  • Incorrect oil level
  • Incorrect oil viscosity (low)
  • Deteriorated oil

Clutch drags

1. Clutch

  • Unevenly tensioned clutch springs
  • Warped pressure plate
  • Bent clutch plate
  • Swollen friction plate
  • Bent clutch push rod
  • Broken clutch boss
  • Burnt primary driven gear bushing

2. Engine oil

  • Incorrect oil level
  • Incorrect oil viscosity (high)
  • Deteriorated oil
    Jumps out of gear
    Shift shaft Incorrect shift pedal position Improperly returned stopper lever Shift forks Worn shift fork Shift drum Incorrect axial play Worn shift drum groove Transmission ...

    Engine 1. Clogged coolant passages Cylinder head and piston Heavy carbon buildup 2. Engine oil Incorrect oil level Incorrect oil viscosity Inferior oil quality Cooling system 1. ...

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