Yamaha YZF-R125 Service Manual: Installing the front fork legs

Yamaha YZF-R125 Service Manual / Chassis / Front fork / Installing the front fork legs

The following procedure applies to both of the front fork legs.

1. Install:

  • Front fork leg Temporarily tighten the upper and lower bracket pinch bolts.


Make sure the inner tube end position "a" is 24.5 mm (0.96 in) from the top of the upper bracket.

Installing the front fork legs

2. Tighten:

  • Lower bracket pinch bolt "1"

  • Upper bracket pinch bolt "2"

  • Handlebar bolt "3"

  • Handlebar pinch bolt "4"


Make sure the brake hose, clutch cable, and leads are routed properly.

Installing the front fork legs

    Assembling the front fork legs
    The following procedure applies to both of the front fork legs. WARNING Make sure the oil levels in both front fork legs are equal. Uneven oil levels can result in poor handling ...

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